Manual SnapSave.App to Download Video Full HD, 4K from Facebook

Currently there are many ways to download videos on Facebook. However, all the tools on the internet today only allow you to download videos in SD (360P) and HD (720P) quality. Meanwhile the original video quality can be up to 4k. So below we will guide how to use SnapSave.App to Download video Full HD, 4K from Facebook. Please refer to us for more useful experiences.

What does SnapSave.App Web site have?

SnapSave.App is a tool that supports downloading videos on Facebook. It allows users to Download Videos Facebook high quality  such as Full HD, 2K, 4K. According to experts, this tool has the ability to download and save Facebook videos to your phone and computer completely free. It ensures optimal sharpness and realism for movies without the need to install additional software. Currently, SnapSave.App is being loved and appreciated by many users. Because it possesses many outstanding advantages such as:
  • Supports many different formats. (It allows users to download Facebook videos on any device, platform including: Android, IOS, mobile phone, PC or tablet)
  • Extremely fast speed: SnapSave has extremely fast video processing and video download speed, which is considered the fastest video download tool available from Facebook.
  • Most of the other tools only support downloading Facebook videos in HD quality. However, with SnapSave.App you can download FB video full HD, 4K with sound with vivid and smooth image quality and is the most stable Facebook Video Download tool on the market today.
  • We easily download Facebook videos using the browser we are using without installing any additional software. 
  • This tool is completely free to use. The supplier only places a few ads, helping to maintain the cost of the machine during the operation. is a high quality video downloader on Facebook

Manual SnapSave.App to download 4k Facebook Videos

Recently, the need to watch and download videos on Facebook to phones and computers is increasingly popular. If you want you to Download Facebook videos with 4K quality, you can refer to the SnapSave.App user guide as follows:

Step 1: Copy the Facebook video link the user wants to download to his device. Example Facebook video download link:

Copy the Facebook video link the user wants to download to the device

Step 2: Visit the website SnapSave.App. Then paste the video link into the box "Paste Facebook video URL". Pay attention to paste the correct path to avoid errors or fail to load the video as expected.

Paste the video link you just copied from Facebook into the box

Step 3: The user chooses the quality of the video he wants to download including: 270P, 360P, 480P, 720P or 1080P. Now we wait a few seconds for the tool to process the request. When successful, it will say "Your video has been successfully displayed".

The user chooses the quality of the video he wants to download

Step 4: Finally, click on “DOWNLOAD VIDEO” with attached storage space. Very quickly the clip will be downloaded to your mobile device or computer. You can fully open it for playback at any time. Some videos do not require this step, but will download to your device right after you complete step 3.

What makes SnapSave.App the best Facebook downloader?

Currently SnapSave.App is rated by technology experts and users as the best Facebook downloader. Because this is an easy-to-use tool with simple operation on both mobile devices and computers. It does not cause your computer to lose resources due to the need to install applications. Thereby limiting viruses from entering the device. Besides, this tool also provides users with a variety of options to download. Depending on preferences, we can choose from one of the formats such as: 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p HD, 1080p, FULL HD or 4K. Thus video quality will be guaranteed at the most perfect level.

SnapSave.App becomes the best Facebook downloader available today

Epilogue :

“The above article we have introduced and used SnapSave.App in the most detailed way. Users can refer to practice right on their device. As a result, all videos with good and meaningful content will be safely and quickly stored for sending to friends or reviewing when free. However, when doing video download, you need to ensure that the wifi network has good transmission and speed. Thus, the new download process is smooth, with good quality. “ Thanks!

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